What is Poultry ?

Poultry is the word which is used for domesticated birds which are raised for meat or eggs.

There are number of birds which are grown under men supervision in a controlled environment which is best for their productive performance. The main objective of this action is to fulfill the requirement of meat and eggs. Poultry meat and eggs are the cheapest source of protein throughout the world because mutton, beef and another type of meat is much more costly than poultry. Poultry also plays an important role to grow up the life from bottom line. By adopting poultry business even on small scale, we can overcome poverty.

Following poultry birds are mostly used for farming.

1_ Broiler: For meat purpose.

2_ Layer: For egg purpose.

3_ Duck: For meat and eggs.

4_ Quail: For meat and eggs.

5_ Turkey: For meat.

6_ Ostrich: For meat.­

Eggs of Turkey and Ostrich are also used for eating purposes.