This virus is reported first time in China. Then the cases are reported in the different countries. The size of this virus is about 400-500 micron. This virus can not survive in hot climatic areas. The death ratio due to this virus is 2_3 %.

By adopting the following precaution someone can safe himself from this virus.

1- Do not go out of home without any reason. If you are suffering from any abnormal condition like fever, flu, sneezing and coughing etc etc. you should avoid to go out of your home.

2- Cover your mouth while sneezing and coughing.

3- Wash your hands with suitable sanitizer and use gloves for work. Avoid to shake hand with anyone.

4- Do not join the functions, parties and avoid crowded areas.

5- Don’t eat uncooked meat and eggs etc.

6- Avoid to spitting everywhere.

7- Use orange drink to boost up your immunity.

8- Eat properly cooked chicken meat and boiled eggs because these are nutrient rich products and also help to enhance immunity level.