Causative Agent: “Paramyxovirus”

System Affected By This Disease: Digestive System, Respiratory System and Nervous System.

Clinical / Anti-mortem Signs: 

  •  Torticollis of neck (it may be upward/downward).
  • Greenish-white mucus like diarrhoea.
  • Lameness.
  • Nasal and Ocular discharge.
  • Rales of thick mucus from mouth.
  • Pasting on vent area.
  • Gasping (difficulty in breathing).
  • Sticky nose.
  • Wing / Leg paralysis or both on same time.
  • Misshapen eggs.
  • Egg shell pigmentation reduce in case of brown eggs.

Postmortem Lesions:

  • Pin point hemorrhages in the following parts of the bird.
  1. Instestine
  2. Trachea
  3. Proventriculus (on the tips of glands)
  4. Caecal tonsils
  5. Lymphoid follicals
  6. Brain
  7. Myocardium
  8. Lungs
  • Air saculitis
  • Congested carcass, lungs and trachea.