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Creating the Ideal Hatching Climate

The transfer of eggs from setter trays to hatcher baskets is routine in the hatchery, while the embryo continues to develop. In the final days of incubation, the embryo prepares for hatching and while embryonic growth slows down at this stage, the maturation of most of the organs continues. The embryo turns its body along

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The Effects of Setting Eggs Small End up on Hatchability and Chick Performance

Eggs are incubated in setter trays for most of the incubation period. Three days before hatch, the eggs are transferred to hatcher baskets. In the setter trays the eggs are placed vertically with the air cell (large end) up, while the eggs lie horizontally during hatching. In normal development, the embryo begins to turn to

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Poultry ! The Blessing of Almighty

Importance of poultry and poultry products: Poultry plays very important role for mankind through food supply, income and employment generation, providing raw materials to some industries, facilitating research works etc. The direct or indirect contribution of poultry industry is summarized below: a) As a source of food: 1)   Poultry meat and eggs are good source

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30 Reasons To Eat Eggs _ Health Benefits

Studies showed that those who consumed 4 or more eggs per week had lower cholesterol than those who only ate one egg per week. Eggs are good for you! Here’s why: 1. Eggs are Full of Vitamins and Minerals- Including vitamins B, C, D, E, K, and more. 2. Lower High Blood Pressure- The peptides

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